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Moscow-Pullman Daily News Letter to the Editor

Moscow-Pullman Daily News Letters to the Editor

“Moscow residents should also be aware that the 680-seat auditorium planned for downtown is probably set to be Doug Wilson’s church. Most of the building is the auditorium, and you can’t teach 300 music students with only five classrooms. And suppose they actually do add 300 more students to the 165 they already have — downtown Moscow would be overrun with New Saint Andrews College students, and Doug Wilson’s dream of making Moscow into his own Oxford would be achieved.” Continue reading

Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 1

Moscow-Pullman Daily News op-ed

“New St. Andrews’ downtown Moscow presence is a decided benefit to some businesses and a detriment to others. NSA has grown a great deal since its founding in 1994. Although the institution prizes its status as a small school, it’s obvious that NSA intends to continue growing. The bigger it becomes, the greater impact it will have on downtown Moscow, and the harder it will become for NSA to develop and move to a more integral, integrated campus.” Continue reading

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Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor

Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Letters to the Editor

“Moscow is already dominated by a particular religious, political and social philosophy, which began, I believe, about 1976 when Blue Mountain Rock Festival came to town. It grew into being increasingly dominated by a religious (New Age), political (left wing) and social (redistribution of wealth) philosophy.” Continue reading

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Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor

Letters to the Editor

“As a town becomes increasingly dominated by a particular religious, political or social philosophy, residents and visitors who find such views repugnant begin to worry that, in spending money, they might be helping to advance those ideas.” Continue reading

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