Steven Sitler Update: The House that Doug Wilson Built

“Make no mistake — it is terrible when a child has to live within range of a sexual predator.” Douglas Wilson

Steven SitlerSerial pedophile Steven Sitler currently lives full time in the same residence as his wife and two-year-old son. We do not know when Mr. Sitler moved because this information is not public record and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We learned of the move when someone noticed that Mr. Sitler’s sex-offender-profile page listed his home address as his “primary address” instead of the motel where he had been living. Follow-up communications confirmed that Mr. Sitler had indeed moved.

Until now, everyone on this end assumed that Mr. Sitler would have to appear in court to obtain permission from Judge Stegner to live with his family. No one understood that Judge Stegner actually gave the order last August when he said:

“So I’m prepared to direct Probation & Parole to both reinstate Katie Sitler as a chaperone and to work with Valley Treatment Specialties and Dr. Wilson to accomplish reunification. How that goes, the specifics of that, I don’t yet know; I’m leaving that in Probation & Parole’s control. . . . I’d rather not get into the specifics of the implementation of my order. One of the things I try to say and do from time to time is I don’t try to micromanage Probation & Parole, and those details tend to be something that I am fearful that I would become a micromanager and I don’t want to be a micromanager.” (01:02:33–01:10:45)1

Apparently Judge Stegner’s words “I’m prepared to direct” actually meant “I hereby direct” — hence the words “my order.” And sometime in the last eleven months the Idaho Division of Probation & Parole gave Mr. Sitler permission to live with his wife & child pursuant to the terms of Judge Stegner’s “order.” Unfortunately, these are the only facts that we can know of this circumstance because FOIA does not apply to P&P.


  • Steven Sitler is a convicted serial pedophile who confessed that he molested 25+ children in at least three different states over a seven-year period.
  • This is one account of one rape that Steven Sitler committed. Other eyewitness accounts are documented here, here, here, and here.
  • In 2005 Steven Sitler’s therapists diagnosed him as a “fixated pedophile,” which means that he regularly fantasizes about molesting (raping) prepubescent children. Mr. Sitler’s fixation is his sexual orientation.
  • Steven Sitler’s home state of Washington diagnosed Mr. Sitler as a “Level III” sex offender, which means he is a “High Risk to re-offend” (emphasis original).
  • Steven Sitler never repented of his abominations — at least according to Douglas Wilson’s written standard for repentance.
  • Ed Iverson, an elder from Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and then-Head Librarian of New St. Andrews College, introduced Steven Sitler to a NSA student hoping that they would marry.
  • Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, could not find one verse in the Bible to prevent him from presiding over the marriage of Steven Sitler to a graduate of New Saint Andrews College. So he wed the two knowing that they planned to have children.
  • Five years later Katie Sitler conceived and bore a child by her pedophiliac husband, whom P&P allowed to stay in the home without informing anyone from the Court. Neither Judge Stegner nor Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson knew Mr. Sitler resided under the same roof as his child — which violated the terms of Mr. Sitler’s parole. Doug Wilson, the child’s pastor, didn’t bother to inform the authorities either.
  • Steven Sitler began failing polygraph tests, one after another, within months of his child’s birth.
  • During one polygraph exam Steven Sitler confessed that that he had “contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation” with his child.
  • Steven Sitler’s probation officer reported that Mr. Sitler had “issues involving his deviant sexual fantasies regarding the infant” — i.e. his child.
  • P&P ordered Steven Sitler “off of his residence property and ordered him to have no contact with his son.”
  • P&P stripped Steven Sitler’s wife and parents of their “chaperone” status because they failed to report Mr. Sitler’s parole violations (plural) to P&P as required by their agreement with the State.
  • The Court reinstated Grandma Sitler and Katie Sitler as chaperones on the condition that they submit to polygraph tests (01:12:30). The Court does not believe that either person will report Mr. Sitler’s violations apart from potential legal sanctions.
  • Steven Sitler’s personal psychotherapists have consistently maintained that Mr. Sitler should live in the same home as his child. No one disputes that the child is too young to speak for himself.
  • Steven Sitler petitioned the Court to amend the terms of his probation so that he could have access to his now-older victims without them knowing what he did to them. The Court affirmed.
  • We do not believe that the Court waived the 24-7 line-of-sight condition for Mr. Sitler to be with his child, and presumably he must “submit to a polygraph every three (3) months.”
  • When this scandal became public knowledge, Doug Wilson danced a jig and swilled a bottle of scotch because he believed, and still believes, that his enemies persecuted him for righteousness’ sake.
  • Douglas Wilson stiffened his neck, saying he would do the marriage again:

    “And just so — to be really clear about this — I conducted the wedding and would do so again next week. So this is not one of those things where I wish I hadn’t done that. It would have been much more convenient had this not happened, but I don’t think we were put here for convenience. I think we’re, this has been a big trouble but I would do it again.”

  • The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches claims ecclesiastical jurisdiction over this situation. The CREC has done nothing to remedy it or discipline those responsible for creating it — natch.
  • Doug Wilson still enjoys the title “Presiding Minister of the CREC.”


Douglas Wilson may lament that “it is terrible when a child has to live within range of a sexual predator,” but make no mistake: Steven Sitler’s two-year-old son now lives “within range of a sexual predator” and Douglas Wilson has done nothing to stop it. This is the house that Wilson built. And somehow the word “terrible” doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of this crime.

1 Thirty seconds before he gave his order, the Honorable Judge John Stegner channeled his inner Pontius Pilate by stating, “I can’t guarantee Steven’s son’s safety; I’m not sure anyone can guarantee Steven’s son’s safety.” (1:02:05, see Matt. 27:24)

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