Three Years of Terror

“Make no mistake — it is terrible when a child has to live within range of a sexual predator.”1 Douglas Wilson

On this day three years ago Katie Sitler gave birth to a son for her husband, serial pedophile Steven Sitler. We know this from page 37 of the Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Sitler and Wight Sex Abuse Cases, which states:


  • Sitler’s child is born (DOB per Katie Sitler).

As noted, the father of this child is a convicted serial pedophile, whom experts have diagnosed as a “fixated pedophile.” In clinical terms, this means that Steven Sitler has entertained sexual fantasies of children for lengths of time greater than six months. In plain terms, it means that Steven Sitler is exclusively attracted to children — his first and only choice for a sex partner in life is a prepubescent child. Children alone arouse him.

Humanly speaking, fixated pedophilia cannot be cured. No known drug or medical procedure can heal it. More to point, no one has ever claimed that Steven Sitler has been remedied of his fixation — not even his pastor. The fact of Mr. Sitler’s fixated pedophilia explains why the judge ordered that Mr. Sitler “under no circumstances should be allowed to be around children unsupervised.” Never, for the rest of his life. His serial molestations demonstrated to the Court’s satisfaction that he cannot ever be trusted not to molest a child, if left to himself. Yet despite these facts, some persons encouraged Steven Sitler to marry a graduate of New St. Andrews College and to conceive children with her, which he did.

The Idaho Bureau of Probation & Parole did nothing when they learned that Katie Sitler gave birth and brought the child home. That is, P&P allowed the serial pedophile to live in the same home as his son — completely unchecked. No one knows exactly how this happened. But a concerned citizen learned of it and immediately notified Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson and Judge John Stegner. Apparently such circumstances do not burden the boy’s pastor — he didn’t bother to notify anyone. Judge Stegner called a hearing.

Team Sitler was ready. They had a couple of expert witnesses draft statements to the Court affirming Mr. Sitler’s fitness for parenthood (here, here, and here). The State doesn’t have the resources (money) to retain experts who could rebut Team Sitler, so it appeared as though Mr. Sitler would prevail. But then Steven Sitler’s sexual orientation interrupted. He failed a polygraph. P&P instantly banned him from his property and from having contact with his son. Then Mr. Sitler began failing polygraphs in succession. We do not know what question or questions he failed, but we can deduce them with ease. Eventually, while wired to the lie detector, Mr. Sitler disclosed that he had “engaged in physical contact with his child that has resulted in sexual stimulation on his part” (@24:04). This revelation horrified normal people. The boy’s pastor did nothing. He euphemistically refers to a father wanting to molest his son as “challenges.”

Team Sitler, led by Steven Sitler’s parents, pressed the Court to allow their son to live full time in the same home as his son (their grandson). These people are oblivious to the son’s fixated condition. They violated their chaperone agreements with the State of Idaho by failing to report their son to Probation & Parole, after he confessed perverse thoughts to them (@26:19). Consequently the state renewed its chaperone agreement with the mother on the condition that she submit to polygraph tests. Bluntly, grandma has to take lie detector tests because the state does not trust her to protect her grandson from her son.2 Put that on a Hallmark card. The same applies to the boy’s mother — she too must take lie detector tests to ensure her husband does not harm her son (@1:12:29). This is because the wife and grandparents insist upon forcing the little boy to live in the same home as his father — a known sexual predator of children.

Judge Stegner caved — he had no choice. Team Sitler would have outspent the State all the way to the Supremes, where Sitler’s crew of experts would have won. Now the three-year-old boy must live in the same home as the predator who wants to rape him. And Douglas Wilson has done nothing to prevent this terror from taking place.

So tonight I wish the little Sitler boy a happy birthday. I hope somebody rescues you soon. I hope with all of my heart that you escape from these wicked jackals. I hope that you do not have to sleep one more night beneath the same roof as those who mean you harm. And I pray that you survive the next 15 years without harming yourself, because I know the temptation shall be great and the odds are against you.

1 Pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, wrote this on July 21, 2014, just a few weeks after Katie Sitler conceived a child for her sexual-predator husband.
2We do not know if the state renewed its chaperone agreement with the grandfather.



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