An Open Letter from Christ Church on Steven Sitler

On Official Kirk Protocol & the Marriage of Serial Pedophile Steven Sitler

Christ Church Book of Worship, Faith, and Practice

“. . . our focus here is on setting protections in the extreme cases. . . . The elders will investigate the situation, counseling any and all as possible. If the elders discover no good grounds to hinder the relationship from proceeding toward marriage, then the elders can refuse to bring disciplinary action against the couple seeking marriage, in effect, granting them permission to be married without the threat of negative ecclesiastical discipline.” — Christ Church Book of Faith, Worship, and Practice Continue reading

Thursday, October 13, 2016 | 4

The Open Letter Part 6: The Arranged Marriage

“Mr. Right” found

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A naïve waif named Katie Travis beseeched Christ Church elder Ed Iverson to find “Mr. Right” for her, and he found the most eligible felon on the state of Idaho’s registered sex-offender list — serial pedophile Steven Sitler. Continue reading

Friday, September 25, 2015 | 5