Steven Sitler

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Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and the Presiding Ministers of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches care as much for these rape victims as they do Steven Sitler’s son. Continue reading

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 |

“you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you penalize”

One of the fundamental laws of life, and therefore of business, is that you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you penalize. In every social context, certain behaviors are rewarded (in some way), and other behaviors are not rewarded. Once the calculus of blessings and curses, rewards and disincentives, is done, you will have less of what you chastised, and more of what you blessed.
Douglas Wilson


Our ministry to Steven, in other words, has not been conducted at the expense of any children in our church community, or in a way that puts any of them at risk.
Douglas Wilson

“Beware of millstones. . .”

Acknowledge your children all need to be converted (Eph. 2:3), but do not do this with unequal weights and measures. If you apply impossible standards to your children, you are causing them to stumble. Beware of millstones as you bring them to Christ (Matt. 18:6).
Douglas Wilson

“and shall His people withhold an amen?”

Shall the Lord Jesus promise to take a millstone and tie it around the necks of the photographers and graphic designers for National Geographic, and throw the lot of them into the sea (Matt. 18:6), and shall His people withhold an amen? The secular state hates childhood. How many children have you dismembered so far? When you are willing to cut off their heads in the womb, and to sell off their parts, then it would seem that cutting off their genitals for the sake of your ideological kinks would be child’s play. Do we hate you? How could we not? Do we love you? We are offering you the death of Jesus Christ, which makes it possible for you and your vile condition to be separated. Do we love you? Of course we love you? Here is Jesus Christ — come to Him. Come now, before the night falls. It won’t be the kind of night that you can dance away.
Douglas Wilson

Of Slopes & Keys

And Child Molesters

Caution: Slippery Slope

“All the varied expressions of transgressive sexuality currently being celebrated in our culture, and now by the highest court in the land, are out of accord with God’s creational design for human sexuality, and are therefore sinful in the eyes of God. Whenever men set themselves up arrogantly to challenge God’s holy standards for sexuality, seeking to teach contrary to what God has taught us in His Word, they are vainly attempting something that is not within their authority to accomplish. We cannot bestow dignity where God has withheld it, and we cannot join together what God has determined shall remain forever separated.” —Douglas Wilson Continue reading

Thursday, September 14, 2017 |

“we do not want a millstone tied around our stiff necks. . . We do not want to be thrown into the depth of the sea.”

The commandment to honor parents is the first one with a generational promise, and which the apostle Paul points to (Eph. 6:2–3). But it is not the first commandment with a generational rider. The Second Word says this — that those who bow down to images are guilty of “iniquity,” and that their hatred of God will be visited to three and four generations (Ex. 20:5). In our worship of the Lord, we delight to include our children together with us in our worship, and this includes bringing them to the Table. But it is not enough to just include your children. What are you including them in? We do not bring them into a worship service with graven or painted images in it because we do not want a millstone tied around our stiff necks (Matt. 18:6). We do not want to be thrown into the depth of the sea. We want to present ourselves to the Lord at the last day, together with the children He has given us.
Douglas Wilson

“his . . . personal ‘9-11’”

“Steven’s father refers to the revelation of Steven’s sexual offending as his, the father’s, personal ‘9-11.’ Steven’s parents see this matter as a terrible tragedy, secondarily for Steven and primarily for the victims involved.”
Dean Wullenwaber

In 2005 David Sitler, father of serial pedophile Steven Sitler, retained lawyer Dean Wullenwaber to primarily represent his son (PMR 23, 24) — not primarily ensure swift justice for his son’s victims. Now, twelve-and-a-half years later, Dave Sitler pays attorneys to force a helpless child live in the same home as his pedophiliac father. “Steven’s sexual offending” is a “personal 9-11” for his victims and for his son. No one else.

Some people have forgotten the terror of 9-11. Others never understood it. And for others, 9-11 is much more personal than words could ever describe.

The Falling Man
(Richard Drew)

Monday, September 11, 2017 |

“I thought it would be fun or exciting to see if I could voyeur on someone”

On Saturday two days before memorial day [sic], I was going to bed about 11:00 pm. I decided to masterbate [sic] and after I started I thought it would be fun or exciting to see if I could voyeur on someone. I then looked out my bedroom window blinds and saw lights on I opened the blinds and remembered my binoculars I went and got my binoculars and used them to look into the window that had a light on. No one ever came into the window and I could not focus my binoculars. I used that as an excuse to keep looking. “Just till I get my binoculars to work. About five minutes later the lights went off and I realized how stupid I had just been and realized I had to tell treatment and possibly probation.

When I moved into my apt. I had noticed people in a window of a different house and subconsciously thought about coming back to look later. Then when I went to Colville to get my stuff. My Dad offered me binoculars I said no thank you I can’t remember if he continued asking me (and I gave in) or if I just ended up with them in a box when I came back to Moscow. I had said no because I knew it would be a temptation. I later used these binoculars for work looking at the roof line and justified having them by saying “maybe these will be useful.” I hadn’t been watching my red flags and doing my numbers was now so it wasn’t very helpful yet.
Steve Sitler