Flashback 2003: “the INKster” & “the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson”

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News used to publish a weekly column by Vera White every Friday. She called herself “the INKster” and used the traditional gossip-columnist format, but only a fool would discount her on this point. She’d make them regret it, which is why everyone read INK. She could dish.

Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, dubbed Vera White “Virulent White” (sorry, can’t find the link). She returned the favor calling him “the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson” — not because she thought him holy. She returned the favor other ways too. For example, in 2004 the Rev. Holy Man retained a proxy to make an offer on prime downtown property where he planned to build a cathedral. Vera learned this and informed the owner who the proxy represented. The deal died on the spot. +1 Vera.

Vera White passed away about 15 months ago. So here’s a timely gem from the INKster about the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson and southern slavery from November 21, 2003:

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INK: Perhaps Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson is suffering from a severe memory malfunction, or maybe multiple personalities.


Perhaps Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson is suffering from a severe memory malfunction, or maybe multiple personalities.

Just last month, Wilson explained his defense of Southern slavery on Oct. 11 by admitting to the Daily News: “I did know I was defending an unpopular issue.”

But earlier this month in a paid advertisement, Wilson had this to say: “It’s ridiculous to have to say the obvious — that slavery has always been an evil needing to be abolished.”

Now those of you who read the column know because of severe back pain, the INKster has been doing her Rush Limbaugh imitation (massive drugs to deal with the problem), but she is a bit confused: Why would the Rev. Holy Man defend an unpopular evil that always needed to be abolished?


And while she’s on the subject of slavery (a subject she never thought she’d be writing about in the local newspaper), the INKster was further puzzled by a Nov. 13 posting on the New St. Andrews College Web page by Dean/Chief Executive Officer Roy Atwood.

In his “Open Letter to the Moscow-Pullman Communities,” Atwood attempted to respond to the community outcry against Holy Man’s monstrous booklet, “Southern Slavery, As It Was,” which defends the institution of slavery. In his message, Dean Atwood, wrote:

“Our colleague chose to question the means of abolishing slavery, arguing against violent means in favor of peaceful means.”

Call her bold, but the INKster thinks Roy, who also carries the title of doctor, should take a refresher course in reading. Because if he actually read the booklet, he would know that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War, as noted on page 11 of “Southern Slavery, As It Was”: “You have been told many times that the war was over slavery, but in reality it was over the biblical meaning of constitutional government.”

On second thought, maybe Dean/CEO/Doctor Atwood doesn’t need to learn how to read, but just refrain from playing that old Twister game.

For anyone who cares, “Southern Slavery” was printed by Canon Press in 1996.


. . . the blotter rests.

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  1. Vera White sounds like a brave lady who performed a much needed service for the community. May the good Lord bless her memory and comfort her loved ones. Thank you for continuing to shine the light in the darkness and exposing false teachers/teaching.

  2. Virulent White. How classy.

    Meanwhile Holey Man thought that without Ms. White he’d be more successful in his invasion. He must be furious that success still eludes him.

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