Moscow-Pullman Daily News: “CJ’s building may be purchased by NSA”

Presumably the Daily News put this headline at the top of the fold because they understand the short- and long-term ramifications of this purchase: Creeping Wilson. It may as well say, “GROUP THAT CULTIVATES PSYCHOPATHIC SEX OFFENDERS SPREADS.” The tell-all quote: “the college hopes to expand . . . to 300 students.” Here’s the interpretation: The student body of New Saint Andrews College currently exceeds its maximum of 200, as stipulated by the Conditional Use Permit. Therefore, NSA has applied for a new CUP that would cap the students at 300, which would retroactively legalize their current illegal status. Yes, some may call this cynical. Others know better — they’re probably at 350.

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CJ’s building may be purchased by NSA

If the Moscow board approves plan, it will go from nightclub to Christian music site
By Shanon Quinn, Daily News staff writerMoscow-Pullman Daily News, March 27, 2017, page 1

Cadillac Jack’s, or as it was more commonly known, CJ’s, a nightclub building on Main Street in Moscow, may be about to undergo the most dramatic makeover in its lifetime, according to a post on the New Saint Andrew’s College website.

According to the post, NSA is negotiating the purchase of the 30,000-square-foot building at 112 N. Main St. with the intention of remodeling it into an extension of the current NSA building at 405 S. Main St., almost six blocks away.

The building’s former owners, Phil and Shelley Roderick, closed the club in September after almost exactly 19 years in business.

The couple told the Daily News at that time they sold the business’ liquor license, but had not finalized the building’s sale.

“The purchase is contingent on fundraising and the conditional use permit,” NSA President Ben Merkle said. “There’s a lot to do.”

Merkle said conditional use permits, obtained from the Moscow Board of Adjustment, are required for educational institutions.

NSA’s current location holds a CUP for 200 students, Merkle said. The one the college is currently seeking would allow the new building an additional 300 students.

Many of those students would come as an addition to the school’s Music Conservancy, which is currently in its first year.

Merkle said the college hopes to expand the infant program to 300 students.

According to information on the NSA website, the college will continue to operate in its current location and expand to the CJ’s building.

According to information, architectural renderings and preliminary drawings on the website, the building would be renovated to include a 700-seat concert hall on the main floor, with balcony seating on the second floor and numerous classrooms, offices and practice rooms for the college’s new Conservancy of Music on all three floors, including the basement.

The building would also provide space for convocation and commencement ceremonies and other academic events, Merkle said, as well as allowing a place for community concerts and events.

“I’m hopeful within the next two months to know whether this is going to happen,” Merkle said.

To donate to the NSA’s fundraising campaign, contact Merkle at (208) 882-1566.

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  1. I am hopeful, after reading the comments on the Daily News Facebook page about this, that Moscow residents are finally waking up and realizing the obvious truth that Wilson does indeed see Moscow (and Pullman) as nothing more than, in his words, a “strategic, feasible” location to “take away from the enemy”. “The enemy”, one assumes, being anyone not sharing his theology and worldview.

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