Moscow-Pullman Daily News above-the-fold front-page story: “Sitler’s chaperones in training again”

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News updates the community on the status of serial pedophile Steven Sitler’s chaperones, who previously disqualified themselves after they failed to report violations to the Department of Probation & Parole. You can read the full article in the Sitler archive, but for here please note the two horror quotes:

Jensen said in his report that Sitler was diagnosed as a “fixated pedophile in 2005 who under no circumstances should be allowed to be around children unsupervised.”. . . Still, Jensen said, the IDOC directed Sitler over the summer not to live with his family until further notice “due to the issues involving his deviant sexual fantasies regarding the infant.”

Douglas Wilson created this catastrophe when he presided over the marriage of serial pedophile Steven Sitler to a graduate of New Saint Andrews College, and Mr. Wilson says he would do it again. Mr. Wilson will not change and this insanity will not go away. He will double down and the calamity will get worse. That’s what he does every time. And I remind you of Rod Dreher’s prescient line from a few months ago: “If you ever doubted the verse from Proverbs 16 advising that pride goes before destruction, just keep watching this slow-motion disaster unfold online for verification.”

The “slow-motion disaster” continues to unfold.

Kudos once again to @SamanthaMalott.

Sitler’s chaperones in training again

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  1. Sitler’s chaperones need to be, more than anything, people of integrity. The ones who failed in the past were compromised because they could not be objective. They were family. It will therefore be useless to retrain them because a lack of training was never the problem. They knew what to do before: report Sitler. They just didn’t do it. But no one with the same last name — his mother or wife, to use two examples — can ever be trusted to turn him in. No mother wants a life in prison for her son. Neither does a wife for her husband.

    I hope the state has the good sense to refuse them recertification.

    On a related note, this is why God in the Bible never recommended chaperones for sex offenders. It’s why Doug Wilson was correct when he wrote that they should be put to death. You just can’t watch all of them 24/7.
    And that means that, sooner or later, there will be other victims.

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