The Impotent CREC Review Committee

A Corruption of Justice Primer

“It is important to note that this committee does not have authority over individual pastors or elders.” Randy Booth

CREC Review Committee

The CREC Review Committee, from left to right, top to bottom: Randy Booth, Alan Burrow, Tim Bushong, Garrett Craw, Todd Davis (updated), Duane Garner, Rich Lusk, Jack Phelps.

Mr. Joseph Roorda, a reader of, has forwarded the following email exchange to us with permission to post it. He wrote to the CREC Review Committee to express alarm at the blog post Jezehellsbells, by Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, and Randy Booth replied to Mr. Roorda’s concerns on behalf of the committee.

Please mark the key sentence: “It is important to note that this committee does not have authority over individual pastors or elders.” Also note that Mr. Booth understated the degree of the CREC Review Committee’s impotence when he limited it to “individual pastors or elders,” because the committee has no authority at all. They are Mr. Wilson’s handheld puppets and they will act as he see fit. Per the CREC Constitution, if he did not invite them to conduct this inquiry, this committee would not exist. And these CREC pastors agreed to these terms when they joined the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. They have no authority, therefore there will be no accountability.

Thanks to Joseph Roorda for his contribution to The Truth About Moscow:

From: Joseph Roorda
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 6:36 PM
Subject: An Individual Letter

To the members of the CREC Internal Inquiry,

My name is Joseph, and I am a former member of a CREC Church. I am writing to you today to ask for a response regarding Douglas Wilson’s “Jezehellsbells” blog post, specifically the section of it, where, claiming innocence and that someone forced his hand, he attempts to blatantly shame Natalie Greenfield and her husband by posting links to Wesley Petersen’s performance art.

The fact that Douglas Wilson is blogging freely about these issues in such an aggressive manner is indicative that he does not take your inquiry seriously, and that you, as the governing council, do not hold much sway over him or his voice. I ask you: why do you allow this behavior to happen? Why is it relevant to Natalie’s case? Why was it necessary to bring it up? If Douglas Wilson did not want people to know about this information, why were people like Darren Doane, director of The Free Speech Apocalypse, tweeting “Shhhhhhh. ‪#‎Bridge #‎Reveal” weeks ago? Why is Douglas Wilson allowed to perpetuate this culture of domination?

Wesley’s videos were not sexual in any way. Wesley is not trying to hide his art from anyone. In addition, someone pirated Wesley’s art, and Douglas Wilson freely links to the pirated video. Does the CREC support illegal activities, such as piracy? By not addressing these issues, ESPECIALLY during such an investigation, you are condoning these actions.

Douglas Wilson also levels accusations against Boz Tchividjian, and uses the phrase “digging up a corpse” when referring to Natalie’s case.

I have concerns about the validity, transparency, and honesty of this investigation. Some conducting it have financial ties to Douglas Wilson and his college and publishing company, as well as owing jobs to Douglas Wilson. Randy Booth should recuse himself, as he recently co-authored a book that Douglas Wilson promotes shamelessly, even now. Why has Douglas Wilson been allowed to represent the CREC and the corruption of justice in such a way?

This letter is public, and this is not an “internal” matter anymore. Attached is a link to a gallery of Darren Doane threatening to expose, as well as intentionally mischaracterizing, Wesley’s (public, non-sexual, academic) performance art videos.

These tweets were sent weeks ago, with at least one instance being on November 2nd, 2015, nearly a month ahead of Douglas Wilson’s vituperative post. It is obvious that Douglas Wilson was trying to shame people into silence, while maintaining plausible deniability. This behavior is despicable. How can you ally yourselves with such a man?

I hope that you will consider my words. I am far from alone. And I am coming forward, publicly, to state that I will not be shamed into silence, I will not hide. I stand against those who would abuse justice, and I am but one of many voices for the voiceless.


From: Randy Booth
Date: November 27, 2015 at 8:12:45 PM CST
To: “Joseph Roorda”
Cc:Alan Burrow”, “Duane Garner”, “Garrett Craw”, “Jack Phelps”, “Rich Lusk”, “Tim Bushong”, “Todd Davis
Subject: RE: An Individual Letter

Dear Mr. Roorda,

The CREC is comprised of member churches (not individual ministers). As such, this committee was invited by the sessions of two member churches in Moscow, ID to review some of their policy and practice in past cases, and to offer them counsel accordingly. All of this is in keeping with our standard operating procedures and is being conducted by the duly elected presiding ministers. (Attached is a copy of our committee’s Mission Statement that should help clarify the limitations of our pastoral work.) There are no formal charges (civil, criminal or ecclesiastical), and we are not prosecutors, nor are we adjudicating anything of a judicial nature. We are a group of pastors who have been asked to review the work of two CREC member churches.

We have been busy examining all available documents, interviewing the principle parties, and trying to ascertain all the relevant facts before drawing conclusions or making recommendations to the churches. We are aware that many (who do not have access to all the facts), have already drawn their own conclusions and would like to influence the work of this committee.

It is important to note that this committee does not have authority over individual pastors or elders. If you have a legitimate complaint against anyone, then we suggest you read the CREC Constitution and follow the appropriate process to address your complaint, and (in this case), this should be directed to the Christ Church session in Moscow.

Regarding your concern about “the validity, transparency, and honesty of this investigation,” we would remind you that this committee is comprised of all eight presiding ministers of the CREC, who have been ministers in good standing for many years. No doubt, many will think our work is valid only if it is in complete agreement with the outcome they desire. You are certainly free to disregard our work.

Having co-authored a book on justice does not disqualify me from doing pastoral work, which is what this committee’s work is. In case you didn’t know, any and all proceeds that I might receive from the sale of that book are being donated to the mission work in Russia.

On behalf of the Presiding Ministers’ Review Committee
Pastor Randy Booth, chairman


  1. Mr. Darren Doane and his family were received into membership at Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho this fall. How long will it be before he is made an elder now that he has proven his loyalty to his pastor? Who spent the time to find the performance art? Who provided it to Doug to augment his unrelenting bullying jackassery? Will Mr. Anonymous man up and identify himself? If not, perhaps we should add the word cowardly to the descriptors employed when discussing Doug’s male congregants.
    Rose Huskey

  2. “If you have a legitimate complaint against anyone, then we suggest you read the CREC Constitution and follow the appropriate process to address your complaint, and (in this case), this should be directed to the Christ Church session in Moscow.”

    Where it will be rejected for lack of standing. Because Doug doesn’t enter into adjudication or arbitration with people he can’t excommunicate.

  3. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that every single member of the CREC committee in the picture up there looks like a classic case of Down’s syndrome.

    Seriously, you don’t even have to squint to see it. “Deliverance” anyone?

  4. Translation: Doug can do whatever he likes without consequence. That is a cult. His behavior is Biblically disqualifying and several of his friends are willfully deceived.

  5. Every church has sinners. The CREC is not the only church that has nasty sexual abusers. I don’t like Doug. He’s rude, loud, and arrogant.
    But, I’m ashamed of you, as my bothers and sisters in Christ, that you are so hasty to judge and rampage against good and godly Christian men like the men listed above. I’m in a CREC church of good and godly people. I know all the men that you have called “impotent.” Do you know how many countless hours they have spent on this case? They are ministering to their own congregations, and also spending countless hours looking at pages upon pages of emails and documents. You know nothing of the story. You only know one side. They have to look at all sides and review. Doug’s church is the only establishment that can “punish” Doug in any way. That is how our Churches are set up.
    My heart hurts that you would act in such a way. You are not being ambassadors of Christ. You are not furthering the kingdom by going on your rampage. These are good and godly men. How dare you.

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      Question: “Do you know how many countless hours they have spent on this case?”
      Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

      Please read this: A Fool and His Holy Day

      Now ask yourself, If DW is willing to commit these crimes (theft, identity fraud, and wholesale fraud) to ridicule his enemies, how far do you think he’ll go to save his bacon in the faux denomination that he started? He rigged this thing from the beginning.

      “They have to look at all sides and review.”
      This is true, which makes me wonder why they have not contacted me. The CREC launched the Review Committee after we launched this website, yet they have not contacted me or anyone else from Team Truth even though we are eyewitnesses to what happened. So while “they have to look at all sides and review,” they have not looked at this side. I suspect this is the case because they will not hear what they want to hear from us.

      “That is how our Churches are set up.”
      Indeed, Doug Wilson wrote the CREC Constitution to ensure he would never be held accountable, and these men agreed to his terms when they joined the CREC. That’s a fact. They have no ecclesiastical authority despite the appearance of an ecclesiastical institution. They are institutionally impotent.

      “You are not being ambassadors of Christ.”
      Doug Wilson established the CREC to bring shame upon Christ, as witnessed by the link above (he committed those crimes about a year after he launched the CREC). When the CREC acts like ambassadors for Christ by doing something about that, such as apologizing to those from whom he stole as well as those whom he deliberately tried to offend — “the tight-lipped fundamentalists of the left” — then we can begin to have an honest conversation. Until then, I’m pretty sure that “ambassadors of Christ” is not a high priority for you.

      “These are good and godly me.”
      I suspect this is false since they (the CREC) have never done the right thing in the past. Just ask the Church of the King.

      “How dare you.”

    2. Anonymous: You sound like a pompous, judgmental, self-righteous ass. You must think the rest of us are a lot stupider than you are, judging by your condescending, arrogant tone.

      News flash, buddy: YOUR DENOMINATION HAS ZERO AUTHORITY OVER ANYONE. And you are not my “brother” in Christ. You’re just another Kool-Aid drinker in just another blinded, stupid cult. Enjoy.

  6. I don’t like Wilson either. So, I won’t answer you back on that.

    But, You say that Todd Davis isn’t a man of God? This is a man who within minutes of me telling him two months ago that my husband and I had a miscarriage, put aside everything on his busy schedule to come and hold our hands as we cried. He cried with us. He wept for our lost baby. He prayed with us. He reminded us of the sovereignty of God. He reminded us that Jesus is the savior of all, and that he loves the little children. This man listened as I anger stricken with grief lashed out in anger at God. His gently consoled my husband and me through grief. You say this is not a man of God? You are grossly mistaken.

    This is the man that was my pastor during my teenage years. This was the man that consoled me through my OCD habits. This is the man who pastored me through those years of wondering if God really even exists. He is the man that baptized me.

    This is the man who gently serves his congregation more than full time, and yet still has to do taxes for other people to provide for his family. He spends countless hours ministering to couples, families, and broken hearts. This man, is one of the most Godly men I know. He is an ambassador of Christ.

    Yes, I say, how dare you. This is a man of God. His heart hurts for the victims, as does mine.

    1. “You say that Todd Davis isn’t a man of God?”
      I did not say that, which makes the remainder of your comment nonsensical.

      “I had a miscarriage. . .”
      I am very sorry for your loss but this is completely unrelated — though Todd Davis’ response illustrates a point that we have continually made: When Doug Wilson learned that a serial pedophile had been raping children of the Kirk, he scheduled an appointment to see the aggrieved family the next day, “after lunch.”

      “Yes, I say, how dare you. This is a man of God. His heart hurts for the victims, as does mine.”
      Please, the self-righteous indignation cuts no muster here. You have convinced me that Todd Davis conducted himself pursuant to his pastoral responsibilities in the time of your need. Good for him and I’m happy for you. But he has done nothing in regards to Douglas Wilson’s “Jezehellsbells” blog post, which is the subject of the blog post above. And he has done nothing about this because — get ready — HE HAS NO POWER TO DO ANYTHING. He is impotent. His purpose on the Review Committee is to offer counsel, which means he has no purpose because Wilson takes counsel from no one. The Review Committee will publish their report and Wilson will put it in the round file, as he chuckles at the CREC idiots who call themselves “presbyters” when they’re actually confederates but don’t know the difference.

      When I see Todd Davis cry over Sitler’s victims, including those who don’t know they’re victims but are forced to be in his presence; and when I see him cry over Natalie and over all of Jamin Wight’s other victims, such as his ex-wife; and when I see him cry over the disgrace his fellow-confederate Doug Wilson has brought on the gospel due in large part to Todd Davis’ blind eyes and deaf ears; then I’ll will gladly rejoice with you in his godliness.

      But not until then.

  7. I can see my comments will do nothing for either party. You did and I quote call Todd an ungodly man: ”I suspect this is false since they (the CREC) have never done the right thing in the past. Just ask the Church of the King.”
    I stand by and defend Todd Davis as a good and Godly man. And, I am proud to do so.

    I would like to apologize for even commenting in the first place. I do not regret standing by Pastor Davis. But, I do apologize for my tone in my first comment. I was overcome with anger at the comments saying: “every single member of the CREC committee in the picture up there looks like a classic case of Down’s syndrome.” and the calling of my church and denomination as a “cult.” I let my anger get the best of me, and for that I apologize. It never does anyone any good to argue over the internet.

    In Christ

    1. Total nonpology. And you still sound pompous and self-righteous. And the CREC is neither a denomination nor a cult — it’s an organized crime syndicate, of which you are a part.

      “Ignorantia juris non excusat.”

    2. I would hope you would judge a person by how they treat everyone, especially those who can hurt them and NOT by how nice they are to you personally. I don’t recall any scripture promoting “sucks to be you” or “Jesus loves me but he can’t stand you.”


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