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Compensation & Overcompensation


“In psychology, compensation is a strategy whereby one covers up, consciously or unconsciously, weaknesses, frustrations, desires, or feelings of inadequacy or incompetence in one life area through the gratification or (drive towards) excellence in another area. Compensation can cover up either real or imagined deficiencies and personal or physical inferiority.” Wikipedia



“: excessive compensation; specifically : excessive reaction to a feeling of inferiority, guilt, or inadequacy leading to an exaggerated attempt to overcome the feeling” Merriam-Webster

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 |

CIA: “Black Dispatches”

A runaway slave saved the day

CIA — Central Intelligence Agency

On this day in 1863, the three-day Battle of Gettysburg began. Robert E. Lee planned to invade the North and bring the war to a quick end. If he had succeeded, the South might have won and if the Confederacy had its way, blacks would still live in perpetual slavery to the master class. Because the Bible says so. Continue reading

Friday, July 1, 2016 |