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Beyond Promises, Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

Pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, abetted Jamin Wight’s criminal behavior. He approved of the young man’s false oath; he taught him to escape accountability by blame-shifting; and he restored him to ministry in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) in violation of his written assurance to the local community. Continue reading

Sunday, January 15, 2017 |

The Meaningless Oath

crossed fingers

“. . . . During all of this, I was fully aware that Natalie was only 14 and 15 years old. . . . There may have been times that I told her not to tell anyone. But what I remember more clearly and I think was more wicked was how I manipulated her. . . . Regardless of how severe the consequences, I can finally be free from this filthy sin and guilt.” — Jamin Wight Continue reading

Monday, December 19, 2016 |

The Kirk Challenge

An anonymous kirker challenged my comment: “not sure if they disclose it [Wilson’s salary] and if they do disclose it, not sure how anyone could access the books.”

Here’s my challenge to this and other kirkers: Ask an elder when an outside third party (which means a professional accountant not associated with the Kirk) audited the books. He’ll answer, “I’ll check with Doug and get back to you.” Make sure you ask for a copy of the audit and also ask to see the books. All members have the legal right to see the books. Good luck exercising that right. Then we’ll gladly post your anonymous comment, as long as you prove that you did these things by producing actual documentation, which means we will never post your comment because he will never show you an audit or give you access to the books.

The Kirk is his business and you’re his guest — but not for long if you ask the wrong questions.

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