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The Federal Division Part 6

“Shew Me a Token”


“Athanasius is not against the entire Christian world now (contra mundum) precisely because he was willing to be in that position then.” —Douglas Wilson Continue reading

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The Federal Division Part 2

“Heretics are slippery with words”


Douglas Wilson’s problem isn’t a failure to use clear terminology. His problem is his willingness to use clearly deceitful terminology. Continue reading

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | 1

“I would define rape as having any kind of sexual relationship with someone apart from or against her or his consent.”

Sarah Moon writes here about complementarianism’s ‘ugly relationship with rape.’ She poses two questions of us bad people, and they are as follows — first, how do we define rape? And secondly, what do we propose to do about it?

Okay. I would define rape as having any kind of sexual relationship with someone apart from or against her or his consent. So far, so good, probably, but she then objects to our recognition of the possibility of varying degrees of foolishness on the part of the victim, and she interprets this recognition as somehow meaning ‘when they say they are against rape they don’t mean all rape.’
Douglas Wilson

On Official Kirk Protocol & the Marriage of Serial Pedophile Steven Sitler

Christ Church Book of Worship, Faith, and Practice

“. . . our focus here is on setting protections in the extreme cases. . . . The elders will investigate the situation, counseling any and all as possible. If the elders discover no good grounds to hinder the relationship from proceeding toward marriage, then the elders can refuse to bring disciplinary action against the couple seeking marriage, in effect, granting them permission to be married without the threat of negative ecclesiastical discipline.” — Christ Church Book of Faith, Worship, and Practice Continue reading

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Soft Doug Wilson

“He talks with a lisp, he is limp-wristed, he walks like Liberace in a pair of skinny jeans, he is really into fabric design, and so on. In other words, sex aside, sexual activity aside, everything about him screams gay. Without any sex at all, and without any sexual activity on the horizon, he is being effeminate. And that is a sin.” — Douglas Wilson Continue reading

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