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"Downtown is our campus, whether it wants to be or not" #newmottoforNSA — Not Doug Wilson (@KirkCEO) September 24, 2015 "Downtown is our campus, which is pretty sad, since this is Moscow, Idaho" #newmottoforNSA — Not Doug Wilson (@KirkCEO) September . . . Continue reading

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Funnier than the #Wordsmithy

Doesn’t lie either

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Soft Doug Wilson

“He talks with a lisp, he is limp-wristed, he walks like Liberace in a pair of skinny jeans, he is really into fabric design, and so on. In other words, sex aside, sexual activity aside, everything about him screams gay. Without any sex at all, and without any sexual activity on the horizon, he is being effeminate. And that is a sin.” — Douglas Wilson Continue reading

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In a biblical republic like the one I'm creating, pedophiles will be put to death. But until everyone's doing things my way, I'll wed them. — Not Doug Wilson (@KirkCEO) August 16, 2016 I'm a biblical absolutist. That's why I . . . Continue reading

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It's crazy that in all my bizarre, embarrassing, foul scandals, the same individual always pops up. — Not Doug Wilson (@KirkCEO) May 13, 2016 Pedophiles are people too, you small-breasted wetnurse harridan harpy shrew lumberjack dyke biddies. — Not Doug . . . Continue reading

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Reforming Marriage

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Father Hunger

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