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A Brief Vindication of Gary Greenfield

Gary Greenfield

Gary Greenfield resigned his household’s membership from the Kirk, telling Doug Wilson directly to his face: “You are a cult leader.” Since then he has learned the hard way that Mr. Wilson does not appreciate such candor. Continue reading

Friday, May 20, 2016 |

“Unbelieving women”

Unbelieving women either compete for the attention of men through outlandish messages that communicate some variation of ‘easy lay,’ or in the grip of resentment they give up the endeavor entirely, which is how we get lumberjack dykes. The former is an avid reader of Cosmopolitan and thinks she knows 15K ways to please a man in bed. The latter is just plain surly about the fact that there even are any men.
Douglas Wilson

Why Doug Wilson Flimflams Jamin Wight’s Crimes

“excluding injustice through severe penalties”

FlimFlam Man Doug Wilson

When you strip away all the blame-shifting, restatements, contradictions, obfuscations, and misleading rhetoric from Doug Wilson’s nonsense, one point stands out: He resolved to protect Jamin Wight from paying the lawful penalty for Lewd Conduct With Minor Child Under Sixteen & Sexual Abuse of a Child Under the Age of Sixteen Years. Continue reading

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 |

“On Not Being Scabrous”

A second issue has to do with the common assumption that anything that is lawful in one medium is lawful in another. But I don’t believe that this is the case at all. Some things should be strictly limited in how they are communicated. Trevin Wax said this in one of his posts: ‘If a movie version of the book of Genesis were made, it wouldn’t be for minors.’ This is quite true, and this means that to write a novel that contained the same level of description as Genesis does would be lawful to do. ‘And behold, it was Leah.’ The same with the Song of Solomon. Writing and publishing erotic poetry is clearly within bounds for believers. But do we get to make Song of Solomon: The Movie? Not a chance. Do we get to film those portions of Ezekiel where we see the Assyrians who are hung like a donkey and ejaculate like horses (Eze. 23:20)? We don’t just look at the content of what is said — we must also take care to learn how it is said. The media matter. Ezekiel can do what he does with words, and we can imitate him in our use of words, everything else being equal. But if we made a movie out of it, then we are clearly being scabrous.
Douglas Wilson

On Repentance: The B.T.K. Killer & Steven Sitler

A Corruption of Justice Primer

Idaho’s Execution Chamber

“A repentant man who had done these things would evidence his repentance in his whole-hearted desire to be executed. . . . If he does not do these things, if his declared repentance is only an emotional sorrow that does not bear the marks of true repentance, then he should be excommunicated from his church.” — Douglas Wilson Continue reading

Saturday, January 23, 2016 |

October 27, 2015, Christ Church HOH Meeting

Transcript Part 1

Christ Church Kirk Dog

On October 27, 2015, Christ Church held a church-wide heads-of-households meeting to address questions raised by the sex-abuse scandals that had recently come to light. This post is a verbatim transcript of the first half of this meeting. Continue reading

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 |