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Rachel Miller: Christian Publisher Addresses Plagiarism Allegations, Withdraws Books from Print

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company discovered that one of their authors committed plagiarism in his contributions to one of their commentary sets. Rachel Miller has the details Christian Publisher Addresses Plagiarism Allegations, Withdraws Books from Print. Rachel has too much class to say this — but I don’t. Eerdmans conducted an investigation into the charges and did not declare the messenger guilty of personal animosity against the plagiarist or the publisher. They owned responsibility for their error and didn’t rail against anyone. Then again, Eerdmans is actually a Christian publisher.

New Saint Andrews College offers NSA credits for a Logos Online course that requires students to use Omnibus Volume VI, which contains massive amounts of plagiarized text. Shameless hacks, every one of them.
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A Daughter of the Reformation
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Wrestling With Wilson


Douglas Wilson

“In Titus 1, and 1 Timothy 3, God’s requirements for leadership are strict — and clear. According to those requirements, John Wesley was not qualified to be a leader of God’s people; he was not ‘blameless’ in the text’s sense. He stole the words of another and did not acknowledge that he had done so.” — Douglas Wilson Continue reading

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