War of the Rebellion

Rejoicing with Dr. Bradley

On this day in history Robert E. Lee lost the Battle of Gettysburg and with it any hope of victory in the American Civil War. General Lee commanded 15,000 Confederates against 6,500 Union soldiers, and with this numerical advantage Lee demonstrated his superior tactical skills (by Southern standards) by sending thousands of Confederates to certain death in Pickett’s Charge. Union artillery batteries shredded Rebels for lunch that day. The Southern Presbyterians never had a prayer. Robert E. Lee lost the war on July 3, 1863, but he refused to surrender for 19 months.

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Today MoscowID.net rejoices with Dr. Bradley.

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CIA: “Black Dispatches”

A runaway slave saved the day

CIA — Central Intelligence Agency

On this day in 1863, the three-day Battle of Gettysburg began. Robert E. Lee planned to invade the North and bring the war to a quick end. If he had succeeded, the South might have won and if the Confederacy had its way, blacks would still live in perpetual slavery to the master class. Because the Bible says so. Continue reading

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