“Circumlocutions & Faggotré”

I have had to explain this before, but let me conclude by saying it again. It is our duty to be transgressive. Prior to the rise of homosexual activism, I had never once in my life taunted a homosexual because of his vice, whether with word, gesture, or epithet. I was not brought up that way, and I simply wouldn’t do it. But the pretense — and that is what it is, pretense — that these speech codes are being designed to address that particular problem is simply bogus.

And since the rise of “gay pride,” I haven’t taunted victims of vice under these new circumstances either. Why would a preacher of grace taunt victims of sin? What kind of ministry goes around kicking sad people?
Douglas Wilson

“I do admit that there are times when I crack myself up”

This brings us to those instances where I deliberately set up the accusers, making a point of doing what I know they are demanding we all stop doing. For example, in the comments of Thabiti’s last post, one person pointed out that I use the word sodomite from time to time. “I can imagine a glee, sitting at desk, typing, and thinking, ‘Watch this! Watch how the ‘libs’ blow up over this one. . .’” Now I do admit that there are times when I crack myself up — as for example if I were to write about Anglican sodomites processing up the central aisle in their sodomitres. At the same time, I take no glee in being a ‘bad boy.’ I am in deadly earnest.
Douglas Wilson