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“Sex with a woman who is not consenting is rape”

“Sex with a woman who is not consenting is rape whether it happens on a date or the guy hides in the woods (I would say that sex with a woman who is not your wife is a kind of rape as well, but that’s another issue). In both cases it is violent and in both cases it is a sexual act. We can talk about both of these aspects, but we must never separate them.”
Mike Lawyer

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Brave man-child mocks rape victims

Read this and tell me why anyone is still supporting this man with a platform. Vile: https://t.co/A0HTKVbNYr pic.twitter.com/22BHDViuUF — Aimee Byrd (@aimeebyrdhwt) February 24, 2017 The unbelievable blog post in which Doug Wilson believes sex abuse survivors to be liars . . . Continue reading

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Three quick points. First, the posting of this is encouraging and enabling a gross violation of the scriptural duty of keeping your promises and vows. If that scriptural point is not compelling enough, it is also a violation of the Westminster Larger Catechism. This is not just wrong; it is grotesque.
Douglas Wilson

Beyond Promises, Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

Pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, abetted Jamin Wight’s criminal behavior. He approved of the young man’s false oath; he taught him to escape accountability by blame-shifting; and he restored him to ministry in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) in violation of his written assurance to the local community. Continue reading

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“the verse bluntly excludes false oaths”

While the name of God is used comprehensively to refer ultimately to God Himself, the phrase translated in vain means ‘falsely’ (cf. Is. 59:4). The word translated ‘taketh’ means ‘to bear’ or ‘carry,’ as believers bear or carry His name when they are called Christians. But of course if we cannot live in a false manner under His name, still less may we speak or swear falsely in His name. So the verse bluntly excludes false oaths. ‘Thou shalt not swear (utter) the name of God to emptiness (vanity).’ Simply put, we should refrain from appealing to the name of God to confirm or bear witness to a falsehood. When we appeal to God by means of vows, we must honor God by honoring our vows. In the eyes of God, vows are serious business.
Douglas Wilson

Why the Oath: A Post Without Answers

Justice gagged, Death Wilson

Doug Wilson put a man under oath despite claiming he did not have lawful jurisdiction. And after hearing the perpetrator swear he committed multiple felonies, Doug Wilson did not report the criminal to the proper jurisdictional authority. Continue reading

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The Meaningless Oath

crossed fingers

“. . . . During all of this, I was fully aware that Natalie was only 14 and 15 years old. . . . There may have been times that I told her not to tell anyone. But what I remember more clearly and I think was more wicked was how I manipulated her. . . . Regardless of how severe the consequences, I can finally be free from this filthy sin and guilt.” — Jamin Wight Continue reading

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