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How should a pastor respond to violent serial criminals in the congregation? Douglas Wilson answers that question here: “On Repentance: The B.T.K. Killer & Steven Sitler”

And here is the explanation why Christ Church uploaded a low-grade pdf of the Presiding Ministers’ Report: “The Presiding Ministers’ Report I: Crooked Images in a Black Hole”

Nothing is by accident. Everything is calculated.

And if you want to know why the Kirk robots repeat the same ridiculous lines time after time, like a worn-out pull-string doll, read this: “Church Membership and Disloyalty”

They drank the Kool-Aid; joined the cult; surrendered their independence; and swallowed the party line.

Creepy doll from the Twilight Zone
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Friday, July 20, 2018 |

“we have access to the love letters/journals that you wrote”

And last, we have access to the love letters/journals that you wrote that the court reviewed and then sealed. . . . As result of a plea bargain, a jury trial for Jamin was avoided, along with a lot of embarrassment for everybody. Part of that agreement meant burying the story, along with a bunch of the evidence. The reason I have been so concerned about your public airing of your perspective on it is that it is not really possible to dig up just half the story. The rest of it is going to want to come up too. One of the official court documents says about some of the sealed evidence, that ‘those documents contain highly intimate and potentially embarrassing facts or statements, the publication of which would be highly objectionable to reasonable persons’ (5/10/06).
Douglas Wilson

“It means ‘statutory rape’ instead of ‘lewd and lascivious’”

And yet, instead of trumpeting my loyalty to this most reasonable cause, Brightbill drags me into the fray, pretending that I think that a parent-approved courtship in a situation like the one in the case she mentions mitigates anything. It mitigates nothing. ‘Mitigates’ would mean that Crime X becomes, as a result of this mitigation, crime x. Rather, my hostility to this kind of thinking meant that I thought that Crime X was actually Crime Y. It means ‘statutory rape’ instead of ‘lewd and lascivious.’
Douglas Wilson

“Prominent conservative Reformed theologian Doug Wilson . . .”

Prominent conservative Reformed theologian Doug Wilson has a documented history of mishandling sexual abuse cases within his congregation. Nevertheless, he continues to be promoted by evangelical leaders such as John Piper, whose Desiring God site still publishes Wilson’s work. When a 13-year-old girl in Wilson’s congregation was sexually abused, Wilson argued that she and her abuser were in a parent-sanctioned courtship, and that this was a mitigating factor.
Kathryn Brightbill, LA Times

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“you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you penalize”

One of the fundamental laws of life, and therefore of business, is that you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you penalize. In every social context, certain behaviors are rewarded (in some way), and other behaviors are not rewarded. Once the calculus of blessings and curses, rewards and disincentives, is done, you will have less of what you chastised, and more of what you blessed.
Douglas Wilson