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Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Wight Abuse Case

UPDATE: You can read real text here.

The Presiding Ministers of the CREC issued a second report called Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Wight Abuse Case, which they delivered to Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho. This is the source file. And just like the Mother Kirk, TRC generated a pdf from images and hosted it on a third-party site to prevent readers from downloading, printing, searching, or cutting & pasting the document.

We’ll convert We converted it to legible text.

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This is a fully digitized transcript of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Sitler and Wight Sex Abuse Cases. You can read the text easily; cut and paste the text; and search the text (for . . . Continue reading

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“Sex with a woman who is not consenting is rape”

“Sex with a woman who is not consenting is rape whether it happens on a date or the guy hides in the woods (I would say that sex with a woman who is not your wife is a kind of rape as well, but that’s another issue). In both cases it is violent and in both cases it is a sexual act. We can talk about both of these aspects, but we must never separate them.”
Mike Lawyer

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Three quick points. First, the posting of this is encouraging and enabling a gross violation of the scriptural duty of keeping your promises and vows. If that scriptural point is not compelling enough, it is also a violation of the Westminster Larger Catechism. This is not just wrong; it is grotesque.
Douglas Wilson