1. Hi Keith:
      If you click on his name in the citation it will take you to an archived copy of the blog post.
      In context he’s replying to a piece written by a feminist, which he uses a pretext to utter the abundance of his heart. He despises all women in general, feminists in particular.

  1. There are no words to express the level of disgust this engenders. I already know who he is , and yet I’m still speechless he’s not trying to hide it. That vile filthy creature who dares call himself a Man of God. Just wow

    1. He could have used Jezebel, or harlot, or strange woman to describe her. Ya know, Bible words…he is a preacher…right?

  2. Growing up in this community ( Christ Kirk one, but it had a different name at the time), and thankfully leaving it almost 20 years ago, has made to greatly value the opportunity I had to leave the “echo chamber” and “safe space” this man and his followers created for themselves. It is a testament to how things can go off the rails, when authority goes unchecked.


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