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How should a pastor respond to violent serial criminals in the congregation? Douglas Wilson answers that question here: “On Repentance: The B.T.K. Killer & Steven Sitler”

And here is the explanation why Christ Church uploaded a low-grade pdf of the Presiding Ministers’ Report: “The Presiding Ministers’ Report I: Crooked Images in a Black Hole”

Nothing is by accident. Everything is calculated.

And if you want to know why the Kirk robots repeat the same ridiculous lines time after time, like a worn-out pull-string doll, read this: “Church Membership and Disloyalty”

They drank the Kool-Aid; joined the cult; surrendered their independence; and swallowed the party line.

Creepy doll from the Twilight Zone

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  1. Do you have any updates on Sitler? I’m curious how you were able to obtain the contents an off the record meeting? Is it safe to infer that you have a “deep throat” source.


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