Moscow-Pullman Daily News: “READER PHOTO OF THE DAY”

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Moscow-Pullman Daily News, January 22, 2019Toni Salerno-Baird submitted this Jan. 8 photo of Natalie Greenfield singing at Palouse Juice during the business’ one-year anniversary.

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  1. Cool photo. I left Moscow and Christ Church in 2000, just around the times the Greenfield family moved up to Moscow. I remember interacting with the older brothers at Church even before they moved up to Moscow, and in 2001 I have the pleasure of getting some coffee in their rather swank coffee establishment.

    It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I heard the accounts of the tragedy that this person and her family endured, via a facebook post from one of my Moscow Facebook friends (this person shared a link to all the court documents and I read it all). I was totally appalled by what had happened, but was unfortunately not too surprised on how the Christ Church circled their wagons around the abuser and not the victim. It seemed concurrent with the developing trend of “othering” those on the outside of the Church and their elites and the fanatical defense of the Church institution that I was seeing as I left in 2000. I was fortunate to break away before the proverbial fecal matter hit the oscillating cooling device.

    Despite the tragedy that this person and her family endured, I do find inspiration in how this strong individual has stood up for those, who like many of us, have suffered abuse in one form or the other. After finding out about the events that occurred I have watched a lot of her discussions she has had in public forums, and was delighted to hear what she had to say. Even though I did not and have not suffered in the same way she has, I was greatly encouraged to see someone so constructively use the tragedies that befall people in life, in such a positive manner. I think everyone can be inspired by her example.

    Even though, I have not been back to Moscow in over 18 years, nor have I interacted with her and her family in the said time, if I do happen to find myself in Moscow, I hope that I might be fortunate enough to offer her a handshake and thank her for the inspiration she has given me at least. Awkwardness be damned, hahaha! I am sure I can speak for others, if I am lucky enough to get such a chance.


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