The Christ Church Pastoral Survey

Christ Church sent this email to its members yesterday, a few hours before they announced Toby Sumpter’s new position. The email contains a link to the Kirk website, where members (anyone, actually) can take an online survey. They did this before here. However, this survey pushes the creep factor a tad bit farther, especially when you remember that Douglas Wilson gathers extremely personal information from his followers for future blackmail purposes. Don’t believe them when they say it’s anonymous. His IT spook can match an IP to a user at the drop of a hat. will not link to the Kirk website or to Mablog (the link below is to an archived page). You can read (or take) the survey here, because a third party called Survey Monkey hosts it (Christ Church embedded the third-party code on its website). We also pasted the text of the survey below, for ease of reading.

*   *   *

Subject: Pastoral Survey
General From:
Date: January 18, 2018 at 13:40:17 PST

Pastoral Survey
The Christ Church elders would like to invite members of our church to fill out this short “pastoral survey.” Anyone 16 and over who is a member of our church is invited to fill it out. There is a longer description of the intent of this survey in the introductory paragraph on the webpage.

For His renown,

Ben Zornes
Executive Minister at Christ Church
516 S. Main St. Moscow, ID 83843
Cell: (303) 902-2013
Office: (208) 882-2034

*   *   *

Christ Church Pastoral Survey

As you know, we periodically survey the congregation on various topics, and here comes another one. It is important to note that all these surveys are entirely voluntary, and they are entirely anonymous. In this case, with this survey, it is crucial to emphasize the anonymity because the questions are a bit more personal than they have been in the past. This survey is not collecting any names, emails, or even IP addresses.

Our reason for doing this is so that we can make any adjustments, as necessary, in our pastoral ministry to you all.

We would like to invite anyone in your household who is sixteen or above to fill out the survey. Even if the questions don’t seem that relevant to your situation, the more parishioners we have who fill this out, the more helpful the survey will be to us.

If a result of answering any of these questions is that you would like to request a pastoral visit, you can indicate that in the comments box. You will have to identify yourself there because we will have no other way of connecting with you. Either that, or email the church office and request an appointment.

Thank you. Completing it should take no more than a few minutes. There are only thirteen questions.

  1. Age
    70 and above
  2. Sex
  3. Married?
  4. You have been involved with Christ Church (attending regularly) for:
    A year or less
    2-5 years
    6-10 years
    11-20 years
    21 or more years
  5. You read or listen to your Bible:
    Most days
    Couple times a week
    Once a week
  6. You have a prescription for medications to help you deal with your moods and attitudes:
  7. Are there any other members of Christ Church that you are not on speaking terms with?
  8. In your marriage or family, fights with raised voices are:
  9. You use pornography
  10. Within the last five years, within your marriage or family, you have experienced, or have knowledge of, episodes characterized by fits of rage, striking, sexual uncleanness, or cruelty.
    All the time
  11. In the past, you have been financially wronged by another member of Christ Church.
  12. In these or related areas, if you were to ask, do you believe that Christ Church has the resources available to help you, along with a willingness to do so?
  13. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

*   *   *

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  1. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre. Wow. With the shutting down of the comments at Blab and Moblab and now this, one has to wonder what is really going on in Mr. Wilson’s world. Let’s hope the natives are restless?

  2. Wilson could always spend time with the sheep personally and find out that way how they are doing. You know, like Jesus did. I agree with your post, Ulysses– the anonymous survey is just another way to gather intel and strike at perceived enemies. On the positive side, it means the Wizard of Mos is running out of levers to pull. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  3. A Kirker who would take this “survey”, if not for the fear of being in Mr. Wilson’s list of bad people could use the public computers at the Moscow Public Library. And plus, Mr. Wilson probably doesn’t like public libraries.

  4. I’ve been mulling this over since reading the Kirk’s truly creepy, intrusive questionnaire; the entire thing is one big red flag. Ostensibly, it’s an offer of help. In reality, it’s telegraphing that the Kirk borg has no respect for personal boundaries and wants to be totally enmeshed in your personal life, because being enmeshed in your spiritual life in order to control you just isn’t enough.

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