Top Ten Posts of 2017

In sum the top-ten most-read posts of the year provide a good personality sketch of Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. If these entries were all you knew about the man, you’d have enough to see the malignant narcissist who exploits the Christian gospel to advance his personal interests and simultaneously harm others.

Not in the list but rounding out the most-read posts of the year were these:

Here are the top-ten most-read posts of the year as marked by the hit counter.

  1. The CREC Presiding Ministers & the Pastor Who Does “Not Care”Shock
    “Every two years Doug Wilson spikes his lexicon with new vulgarities, in order to maintain the requisite shock value for the con. . . You can see how he systematically “calibrates” the introduction of each term into his style guide for further use. Each new word is always more explicit than its predecessors. And note the common denominator: Sex and degradation of women.”
  2. Douglas Wilson, Inc.Doug Wils, Inc.
    “Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, has organized a multi-million dollar operation and Canon Press and Logos Press are the two haymakers, which explains why he sold them to his son and personal agent. Charity begins at home, and Mr. Wilson is of all things charitable, at least to himself.”
  3. The False Witness and the Sworn Confession of GuiltLiar under oath
    “Ever since Douglas Wilson wrote his eyewitness account of Jamin Wight’s sworn confession of guilt for the MPD, he has refused to acknowledge the historical fact of the oath in public. Likewise, he refuses to affirm the historical fact of the oath to defend Natalie Greenfield. Rather, he has adopted an adversarial position against Natalie that ignores Jamin Wight’s oath as well as Idaho’s ‘age of consent’ laws, to hold Natalie and/or her parents responsible for the crimes committed against her.”
  4. Internal communiquéDoug Wilson sowing discord
    “There are several reasons for this. A couple of the speakers have been openly and deceptively hostile to our church and church community, and this last week one of the speakers even went to the length of attacking private members of our church, posting their pictures online, etc.”
  5. The CREC Presiding Ministers’ Report: The Guessing Game Is OverDefiance
    “This is his explanation and we should believe him, for this is the sum total of the man Douglas Wilson. He despises all authority — legitimate & illegitimate. He despises all authority — including his own, which he arrogated (he’s self-ordained). He holds the CREC Presiding Ministers in contempt, and he holds his own teaching in contempt just to prove his contempt for the Presiding Ministers.”
  6. Another Child Molester Strikes the Kirkstar
    “On October 7, [redacted], a teen in our congregation, was caught molesting a much younger boy. As far as we currently know, no molestation has occurred in our church context. Our counsel to the parents was to notify the authorities immediately, which was done that same night, and the authorities are now investigating. Since he was caught. . .”
  7. On Repentance: The B.T.K. Killer & Steven SitlerIdaho’s Execution Chamber
    “According to the public record, Steven Sitler failed to meet two out of three of Mr. Wilson’s conditions and, arguably, he didn’t meet any of Mr. Wilson’s conditions because Sitler did not demonstrate the ultimate proof: He did not ‘evidence his repentance in his whole-hearted desire to be executed.’”
  8. Godspeed to Trinity Church of the Tri-CitiesTrinity Church of the Tri-Cities
    “We had hoped the CREC would outgrow certain issues so our congregation could remain and possibly even be a presence for positive change. Unfortunately, for too many, the CREC is the face of abuse of women and defender of child abusers. We had hoped the Presiding Ministers would respond with wisdom to the recent sexual molestation investigations. The failure of this report gives us little hope for the future of the CREC. Rather than reining in Douglas Wilson’s behavior, they have instead encouraged his tone and demeanor. They have overly praised him, evincing cowardice or complicity.”
  9. Steven Sitler Update: The House that Wilson BuiltSteven Sitler
    “Douglas Wilson may lament that ‘it is terrible when a child has to live within range of a sexual predator,’ but make no mistake: Steven Sitler’s two-year-old son now lives ‘within range of a sexual predator’ and Douglas Wilson has done nothing to stop it. This is the house that Wilson built. And somehow the word ‘terrible’ doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of this crime.”
  10. Creeping Wilson: The Creep WinsSkattaboe Block
    “If the Board of Adjustment grants this CUP to NSA, they will unknowingly set in motion a series of events that will result in a radical power shift in Moscow politics. When NSA students arrive in Moscow every August, they receive one assignment before school begins: REGISTER TO VOTE, because Douglas Wilson is a political animal first, before anything else. And he is bent on flexing political muscle.”


Happy New Year! See you on the other side!!


  1. This is a sad recap, but an incredibly important one. Wilson is so Machiavellian that one can’t keep up with all of the malfeasance, machinations, skullduggery, ill will, and garden-variety meanness that the man manifests in multiple ways on a frequent basis. MoscowID plays an important role in shining a bright unblinking light on Wilson and the CREC and maintaining the archive of past statements and misdeeds. Lest we forget, indeed.
    My favorite 2017 story? A CREC church pulled up anchor and sailed away to freedom.


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