Elizabeth Bruenig, Columnist at the Washington Post

“destructive, unscholarly, psychotic theology”

Elizabeth Bruenig

Elizabeth Bruenig

If you’re in it, you’re acclimated to it. You “Drink the Kool-Aid” with ease. But for those who see it for the first time, it’s one horror after another. They’re not acclimated.

Meet Elizabeth Bruenig, columnist for the Washington Post. She saw it for the first time today and tweeted what she saw. You can watch the dominoes fall, one after another: She started with marital rape, moved on to slavery, then the two child molesters, and I think at that point she went on overload, which is common. Psychopaths generally shock normal people, albeit unintentionally. In Doug Wilson’s case, the shock is intentional. Regardless, welcome to Doug Wilson’s con game, Elizabeth Bruenig. You haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

Here are her tweets:

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