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“Prominent conservative Reformed theologian Doug Wilson . . .”

Prominent conservative Reformed theologian Doug Wilson has a documented history of mishandling sexual abuse cases within his congregation. Nevertheless, he continues to be promoted by evangelical leaders such as John Piper, whose Desiring God site still publishes Wilson’s work. When a 13-year-old girl in Wilson’s congregation was sexually abused, Wilson argued that she and her abuser were in a parent-sanctioned courtship, and that this was a mitigating factor.
Kathryn Brightbill, LA Times

Saturday, November 11, 2017 |

“Year of the Pig”

This is one who cops the attitude of quisling males who somehow decided that, provided their politics were in order, they could be pigs in their treatment of all the women around them. . . . So let us call it the year of the pig.
Douglas Wilson

Diane Langberg, PhD

Saturday, November 11, 2017 |