Moscow-Pullman Daily News: “Lambert wins big over Pall”

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News:

Residents of Moscow overwhelming voted to keep current Mayor Bill Lambert in office for a second term. . . . Lambert easily defeated his challenger, former City Councilwoman Linda Pall, receiving 2,707 votes to Pall’s 1,799 votes.

Brandy Sullivan & Anne Zabala

Brandy Sullivan & Anne Zabala

The tallies suggest this was a rejection of Linda Pall, which is unfortunate. The other two liberals on the ballot (both women) won by good margins, taking out the two fuddy-duddies who entered Moscow politics in the same class as Mayor Lambert. Brandy Sullivan won the most votes with 2,658, and Anne Zabala beat her opponent 2,475 to 2,012. Some of their voters voted for Lambert, which strikes me as contradictory. Moscow needed the trifecta to enact an agenda. Instead, Moscow now has a split council with a pro-Kirk tie-breaking mayor. Call him the Dougchurian candidate.

I am sorry for this because Linda would have been an outstanding mayor. I am also sorry because this pretty much closes the door on any hope of stopping the Wilson machine (and it would have been non-stop hilarity documenting Wilson’s temper tantrums). But alas.


  1. I honestly did not expect Linda had much of a chance, but Wilson can’t be exactly dancing in the streets, either. If I remember correctly, in his voting instructions to Kirkers, er, “endorsements on his personal blog, independent from his “Pastor” position” (ahem), he singled out Brandy Sullivan as the worst, nastiest of the lot, and to be sure to not vote for her. The trifecta would have been nice, but the new members will still be irritating to His Highness.

  2. He does not appreciate Brandy Sullivan:

    “For a contrary example, one of the outsiders running for a council seat (Brandy Sullivan) was a (very) vocal opponent of New St. Andrews being allowed to restore and renovate a downtown bar.” (Moscow City Council Election 2017)

    I think there are other reasons for this:

    1. She’s a woman;
    2. She’s a woman who is also the primary competitor to the Kirk’s downtown coffee shop;
    3. She’s a woman who opposed NSA;
    4. And most importantly, she’s a woman.

    And why is NSA renovating “a downtown bar”?

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