And Then There Were Three

Classical Christian Education

Last month Tom Garfield (aka “Uncle Spanky,” below middle) rounded out the trifecta of longtime Kirk stalwarts who lost his job for reasons no one has said. Roy Atwood, Tom Garfield, James Nance — all joined the unemployment line . . . after they did what? And all of them were Kirk officers.

Roy Atwood, Tom Garfield, James Nance


  1. Cowed in fear of Wilson and “asked” to resign/disappear from prominent positions. Hmm. I wonder if any of these three gentlemen (or others who have been in similar situations from the CREC as a whole) would be open to an anonymous interview. If anyone thinks this is even remotely possible, knowing how tight lipped Kirkers can be, I would be glad to facilitate it.

    1. No one who knows anything will ever talk. Wilson does not promote anyone to positions where they may hear things unless he has a boatload of dirt on them, which he would use if they ever grew a conscience and talked. They are all bought and paid for. He owns them.

      1. “Criminal investigation” does not equal “victims.” The Bill of Rights applies to reprobates of the Kirk, even though it shouldn’t. Anyone associated with Douglas Wilson should be held on a presumption of guilt.

        And please use a legit email or the Contact page, to communicate.

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