Douglas Wilson Dreads Linda Pall

“Democrats and Republicans: do not politicize your conscience. Be intellectually honest and hold your party to the same standard that you hold the other party to. Independent voters determine the outcome of elections, and we’re watching you.” Dale Courtney

Linda Pall is running for Mayor of Moscow. She is the most qualified candidate for the office (has been for many years) and she’s not for sale. Therefore Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, opposes her. In 2007 he smeared her as a “bigot” and 2017 is no different. Last week he dispatched a Kirk elder (possibly former elder) to hit Linda via a letter to the editor. As you read this, please bear in mind that the author (Dale Courtney) could possibly lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of under-the-table income from his illegal boarding house if Linda wins office — a fact he did not disclose:

Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor, November 2, 2017Don’t vote for Pall

“Whoever is in charge of the (City Council) agenda has a right and responsibility to organize it so people are heard in an open and accountable way. If you come steamed up about something, you ought to be heard.” Linda Pall said this in The Lewiston Tribune on Oct. 22, Page 1C.

I laughed out loud at that quote. At a Conditional Use Hearing on Aug. 2, 2016, Linda Pall shut down high school Student Body President Preston Evans after just 30 seconds. Here’s the video:

However, if Pall agrees with your position, she’ll let you drone on forever. See her handling of Ross Coats later the same night:

In that night’s vote, only Linda Pall voted no. Her prejudices were on display from the get-go, as was her handling of people who represented the position she opposed.

If Linda Pall agrees with you, she’ll let you talk forever. If she disagrees with you, she’ll shut you down in a heartbeat.

If Moscowans really want everyone’s position heard, and not just this mayoral candidate’s approved positions, they will not vote for Linda Pall.

Dale Courtney


Here’s Linda’s reply from yesterday’s letters to the editor:

Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor, November 6, 2017View the recording

In response to Dale Courtney’s letter (Nov. 2) saying that I failed to allow Preston Evans, the Logos student body president, to continue to testify at a Board of Adjustment hearing, I urge you to view the actual hearing. Here’s the video: on Courtney’s own site. View it and make your own judgment. The student body president needed to stick to the point of the hearing, which he was having trouble doing. I interrupted him to remind him of the point of the hearing, and then let him finish testifying.

Linda Pall

I trust Linda Pall without watching the video. She is a master of parliamentary procedure and she is the only reason that New Saint Andrews College currently occupies downtown Moscow. She persuaded City Council to follow her lead by showing mercy to Douglas Wilson when they should have enforced the law. Two years later Mr. Wilson showed his gratitude by calling her a “bigot.”

Moscow is overwhelmingly a liberal town but historical liberals don’t vote — whereas conservatives do. Therefore, I have little confidence that Linda Pall will win today, but I hope she does. And if she does, then I assure you Douglas Wilson will be filled with dread. He knows that if Linda behaves toward him as he acted toward her, then the party’s over.

Vote for Linda Pall.