Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Wight Abuse Case

UPDATE: You can read real text here.

The Presiding Ministers of the CREC issued a second report called Presiding Ministers’ Report on the Wight Abuse Case, which they delivered to Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho. This is the source file. And just like the Mother Kirk, TRC generated a pdf from images and hosted it on a third-party site to prevent readers from downloading, printing, searching, or cutting & pasting the document.

We’ll convert We converted it to legible text.


  1. The Church eventually judged that his ex-wife had grounds for divorce…

    And what right did they have to judge that she had grounds? It was no business of theirs other than providing support to her.

    Yes, I know Dodo Dougie thinks he’s God’s gift to theology, and that he does have this right. But the Kirk could have been sued ten ways to Sunday by this woman had she choose, and churches have consistently lost these cases.

  2. Wow. This (plus the CC report on the same case/cases) speak volumes of “it is better to ask forgiveness than permission.” Or rather imply that forgiveness is the ONLY option for that good ol’ boy, Doug Wilson.
    I would be happier with “We gave you a Ferrari, you treated it like a lawn mower. You break it you bought it was ever thus.”
    Then again, why apply that to only these two cases? “You break it you bought it” should be applied with extreme prejudice to every conversation, sermon, document, decision, and private fart DW has uttered or signed onto for the past 30 years.

  3. Thanks for making both reports readable. It is sickeningly obvious that Douglas Wilson and Toby Sumpter do not want their church members to read the reports, they do not want CREC pastors to read the reports, they do not want anyone else in the denomination to read the reports; they don’t want anyone anywhere to read the reports.

    Are they encouraging (threatening?) their parishioners to disregard, ignore, pretend the report never happened… for the sake of unity!? Are they strong-armed-ly encouraging ignorance about the abuse towards women in their patriarchal churches. Is mainting their kingdom, their rule, their power more important than protecting women from future abuse in their churches?

    If you have been encouraged to disregard a report that leaders in your very own denomination have put out, hello, you have joined a Kool-aid Kult.


  4. Terri: to your first point: yeah, that’s pretty obvious based on the presented format. Barely readable. Perhaps this was the extent of obfuscation they thought would be tolerated? It makes no sense.

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