Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor

A person named J.W. Gilbert wrote today’s letter. No one knows if they are a kirker. The missing arrogance suggests they’re not. The argument here is true, though I cannot confirm the accuracy of the historical info:

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Diversity in thought

Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor, August 2, 2017

I read Bruce Bradberry’s letter July 28 and felt that I should point something out about it.

The fourth paragraph is interesting because Moscow is already dominated by a particular religious, political and social philosophy, which began, I believe, about 1976 when Blue Mountain Rock Festival came to town. It grew into being increasingly dominated by a religious (New Age), political (left wing) and social (redistribution of wealth) philosophy. Some residents and visitors were concerned with these changes just as Bradberry is about New Saint Andrews College.

Conformity becomes paramount. Viewpoints other than “Friends of the Clearwater” or climate change get a cold shoulder, at the least. Perish the thought that you brave Friendship Square with a Trump hat on.

J.W. Gilbert

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This argument is irrelevant for three reasons:

  1. The writer does not address the point of the letter, which was this:

    “As a town becomes increasingly dominated by a particular religious, political or social philosophy, residents and visitors who find such views repugnant begin to worry that, in spending money, they might be helping to advance those ideas.”

  2. The writer does not acknowledge that while the citizens of Moscow are overwhelmingly leftist, the city government is disproportionately not leftist (I won’t call them conservatives). They are establishment-type fuddy-duddies who do not demonstrate the ability to follow an argument let alone frame one.
  3. The letter writer decries Moscow leftism without knowing that Douglas Wilson represents the most radical form of leftist political ideology known to man. Doug Wilson belongs to the Josef Stalin school of politics. He would not only stifle free speech if he could — he would see all of his critics (political opponents) dead or maimed, and he prays to his god accordingly.

Douglas Wilson is neither a conservative nor a libertarian. He is a ruthless totalitarian who embraces the Marxist axiom that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Moscow has no idea what they have unleashed.