Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor

Jim Wilson (“the father of it”) wrote a letter to the editor that the Moscow-Pullman Daily News published today. It’s typical posturing that the Wilson’s have taught us to expect from them. He tells others how to live while pretending he walks in harmony with God’s created order:

Moscow-Pullman Daily News letter to the editor, June 29, 2017Don’t mess things up

As I understand it, one of the surgeons at Pullman Regional Hospital wants to complete his abilities in surgery by learning how to make biological physical changes in the sexual appearance of a man to a woman by removing male organs and providing female hormones. As well as change female fixtures to male.

Even if permitted and if being successful, he would not be able to change the chromosomes in the cells. That would not change. Deep down the person would remain female or male or whatever the person was before the operation.

The new female would not be able to have children unless she was supplied with a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries from some other woman. The brain of the person would remain the same as would the memories.

In the beginning God made one male and one female. He has been making 50 percent of each ever since. My suggestion is to not attempt to change God’s creation. It would only mess things up in the person’s life and the family of that person.

I do not think that the vow of the physician includes sex changes.

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson’s argument is true. Surgery cannot change a person’s essential nature. So the prophet asked, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?” (Jer. 13:23) But this same argument applies to Jim Wilson and his son Douglas. Both identify as shepherds of God’s flock even though both exhibit the genetic profile and essential nature of wolves. They advance their personal interests at the expense of sheep or anyone else who may get in their way. These predators have made a fortune by “mess[ing] things up in the person’s life and the family of that person.”

Moreover, both arrogated the office of pastor. Neither submitted himself for denominational examination or ordination; thus neither man can break a vow of ordination. This adds an ironic twist to Jim Wilson’s last sentence: “I do not think that the vow of the physician includes sex changes.” Doctors are accountable, unlike Jim and his son.

Perhaps Jim Wilson should write a letter to the editor that condemns his own wretched behavior. Or better yet, a letter that condemns his son for lying under oath and helping others to do the same. It would end the gig, but it could be the first step toward receiving the new nature.