How the Kirk “persuades” others

A visual demonstration

“The phrase ‘take over’ doesn’t mean taking up artillery on Paradise Ridge. It’s persuasion to live more peaceable lives.” Douglas Wilson

For our new readers in Moscow who may not know, Douglas Wilson did not take batting practice on random flower pots in this vid. Instead, he specifically invoked a well-known biblical image of “clay pots,” or “earthen vessels.” Scripture uses these words as metaphors for “human beings.” We see this early in Genesis (Gen. 2:7) and it runs all the way through the New Testament. Not once or twice, but multiple times. The image culminates in Romans 9, which appears to the subject of Mr. Wilson’s performance art.

A few years ago Douglas Wilson deployed a few followers to harass so-called “intoleristas” on the community bulletin board. Locals dubbed these goons “Doug’s Thugs,” appropriately. They bullied and abused their neighbors who criticized Mr. Wilson, which is standard operating procedure. In this context, man-boys smashing earthen vessels — or human beings — with baseball bats to please Doug Wilson is consistent with Mr. Wilson’s idea of “persuasion to live more peaceable lives.”

Christ Church — where the hits keep on coming.


  1. Are you guys able to avoid being “persuaded to live more peaceable lives”? I can’t imagine that Doug is any to pleased with the information presented here.

  2. Boy, it is my fervent hope that DW is none too pleased. Stomping on the rainbow flag, smashing symbolic clay pots, imprecatory prayers, openly disdaining the teachers, administrators, and students of Moscow’s public schools (“The Enemy”), discouraging school age Kirkers from befriending public school students, having henchmen sneer at the so-called “Intoleristas” all in the name of “peaceable”. Yeah, that works…..

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