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Subject: Wilson Prayer

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Date: April 11, 2017 at 8:46:54 AM PDT
Subject: Wilson Prayer
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Dear Christ Church Fam,

Over the last year or so, I have been dealing with a variety of small but strange (and apparently unrelated) health issues. And then, during a Canon Press meeting in November, my left ear suddenly turned off. It rebounded slightly, but hasn’t stopped ringing like a fire alarm ever since.

After months of tests and check-ups, and various theories that didn’t quick make sense, a recent MRI finally revealed the underlying cause of everything I’ve been dealing with — a large brain tumor (“farm egg” in shape and size according to one neurologist). The tumor originated in my auditory canal and is now compressing my brain stem and butting into my cerebellum. Although no biopsy has been conducted, three different specialists have ruled out cancer based on the MRI (which is obviously an enormous blessing). That said, it is still killing me (as they say) softly, and new symptoms have been multiplying rapidly over the last couple weeks. Which is why I’m now scheduled for invasive brain surgery at USC on May 2. (For those of you who asked why I showed up late to Grace Agenda, now you know! I was meeting with my surgeon in LA. . .)
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