“following her will greatly increase their chances of getting laid”

How Bad Theology is Incentivized

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 By Douglas Wilson

‘When men follow a teacher like Jezebel of Thyatira, they are doing so not because her doctrinal reasons are so compelling and her academic credentials so impressive, but rather because following her will greatly increase their chances of getting laid (Rev. 2:20). If a prophet comes prophesying wine and beer (Mich. 2:11), he is sure to get a following. And if it is a prophetess, declaring that love is grace and grace is sexy, then even better’ (Why Ministers Must Be Men, p. 23).


  1. See, I don’t read this and think “My goodness such wry and witty theological insight, what a brilliant exegesis from the master theologian Doug Wilson Himself.” No, I read this and think “WHAT THE HELL DOES HE EVEN THINK HE’S TALKING ABOUT THIS MAKES LESS SENSE THAN JAMES JOYCE”

    1. Yes. A lot less sense than James Joyce.

      I read the words. I understand them all. But they make no sense when added together because the logic behind them is illogical.

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