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In the 60s, my father wrote a small but enormously influential book called The Principles of War. In it, he applied the principles of physical warfare to what he called strategic evangelism. This idea of warfare is necessary in order to understand a central part of what is happening here, and by this I mean the concept of the decisive point. A decisive point is one which is simultaneously strategic and feasible. Strategic means that it would be a significant loss to the enemy if taken. Feasible means that it is possible to take. New York City is strategic but not feasible. Bovill is feasible but not strategic. But small towns with major universities (Moscow and Pullman, say) are both. Douglas Wilson

Yesterday New Saint Andrews College announced the “pending” purchase of a nightclub in downtown Moscow called Cadillac Jack’s (CJ’s):

New Saint Andrews College is pleased to announce a special opportunity. We have negotiated the purchase of what was formerly the Cadillac Jack’s building, an old night club on Main Street. This new building would be used in addition to the College’s current facility, not as a replacement

Pending fundraising and the granting of a CUP by the city, NSA will be remodeling the 30,000 square foot building into a 700-seat concert hall, additional classrooms, and offices. This would expand NSA, affording space for the new Conservatory of Music, practice rooms, offices, and our own space for convocation, commencement and disputatios. Please join us in both prayer and giving for this exciting new adventure. (New St. Andrews)

Notice the blurry language: “a special opportunity,” “negotiated the purchase,” “would be used,” and “Pending fundraising.” This looks like they offered to buy the building on the condition that they raise cash, but they have not purchased it. Doug Wilson needs donors.

Two years ago Christ Church sold its downtown office (“Anselm House”) to Gritman Hospital and simultaneously arranged to lease it for two years. Presumably that deal ends at the end of this month. According to the Daily News, Anselm House is 25,000 square feet; NSA says that CJ’s is 30,000 square feet — so this makes a net gain of 5,000 square feet in Douglas Wilson’s stated goal of taking over Moscow & Pullman by waging “warfare.”

NSA’s announcement says the building would be used as “700-seat concert hall, additional classrooms, and offices,” but City Council should beware that this refers to Kirk offices and very likely Kirk services — unless NSA’s Conditional Use Permit allows a student body of 700.

CJ’s is located about 5 blocks (less than half a mile) from Anselm:

CJ’s is just a few blocks from NSA:

And it’s less than a mile from Steven Sitler’s home:

Readers should remember that the elders of Christ Church arranged the marriage of serial pedophile Steven Sitler with a graduate of New St. Andrews College.

Cadillac Jack’s


  1. Anselm House has indeed vacated the building that Gritman Hospital purchased, just within the last few weeks. I learned this morning that Christ Church now holds its Sunday services at the NuArt building downtown. “Pastor” Wilson continues to seem to be obsessed with “dominating” downtown Moscow. The artist’s renderings of the proposed concert hall makes one think it will require a massive fundraising campaign. Much as Wilson’s Monument to Himself, otherwise known as the “Cathedral”, which has yet to even begin to materialize.

    1. He got good cash for Anselm House. He’s gonna use CJ’s as Anslem II. But he’s fundraising off it by creating the false impression it’s for NSA.
      Greedy, calculating and deceitful.

  2. [Comment deleted because this kirker, like the others, hid behind anonymity and violated his master’s commandment.]

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