“Like Some Blonde in a Tight Dress”

Large assemblies in part must rely on their committees to do the spade work, and I am not faulting the GA for that. You can’t have high level of theological discourse within the limits that a big assembly necessarily has. That is why it is so important to get the fairness thing right before the GA — in the committee. So I am faulting those who stacked that committee like it some blonde in a tight dress, and who then try to brazen it out after the fact. “What’s this? What do you mean? Perfectly modest attire.”
Douglas Wilson


  1. “Stacked like a session of Doug Wilson family members”

    “Stacked like Review Committee being led by one of your best friends, in a denomination you control”

  2. Some blonde in a tight dress? That assumes that all blondes in tight dresses are as buxom as Wilson likes, or that the buxom blonde in the tight dress is actually a woman and not an overweight man.


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