1. There’s a couple more I remember. What about his exoneration of defrocked minister Sproul jr. and his meddling in the affairs of Christ the King? Did these fit the pattern you outlined above?

    1. yep….Didn’t they try at one time to leave DW’s denomination? IIRC he got involved and tried to split the congregation.

      BTW…thanks for the work you are doing.

      1. Yes, Church of the King–Santa Cruz was a confederate in the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals. Doug Wilson split the church because he had a beef with its pastor. Randy Booth was moderator of the CREC and ran interference for Wilson with the confederates. That will be a two-part post. I’ve wanted to get to it for some time but other priorities keep popping up.

  2. “Randy Booth is Doug Wilson’s handheld puppet[.]”
    That sounds about right. I can just imagine Doug Wilson with his arm stuffed halfway up Randy Booth’s ass, working Randy’s mouth like Bert & Ernie while ventriloquizing all manner of idiocy for the world to hear. A fitting image.


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