1. Those other men who are “less than godly” — would that be you, Doug Wilson? So, I take it that the single women and widows in the Kirk need not submit to Dougy. Seems in Dougyville, or should it be Wilsonville, women are face with one choice — GET MARRIED AND SUBMIT TO HUBBY. Women who choose not to marry, or cannot find a partner to marry (that does happen in the real world) — what are these kind of women to Doug Wilson? Misfits? Rebellious biddies looking to be raped?

  2. Where does that leave the Godly young lady that has decided God has called her to serve as a single woman and her father is totally uninvolved but her mother is also seeking God? No God does not only speak to men. I would say scripture has other things to say to this young woman, like work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, also whoever loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. Every female is to put God first above all , walk humbly and serve others. Not just marry have children and live under a mans heel. I have seen this more often then not in these unbiblical movements where all the conversation in the nursery or amongst the women are how many babies they are having and what a wonderful job they are doing ( better then you of coarse) submitting to their husband. NOT ONCE will you here these brainwashed women speaking about who they have shared the Gospel with or who they are helping in a practical way outside of themselves or their groupies . With unspoken words they have been taught that is mans work and they have no real place in the kingdom other then serving their man. How sad for the church, society and the family that lives under this pressure. We had to leave a state to get our daughters out of this cult and finally are free.


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