December 11, 2015, Archive

“he was not ‘blameless’”

In Titus 1, and I Timothy 3, God’s requirements for leadership are strict — and clear. According to those requirements, John Wesley was not qualified to be a leader of God’s people; he was not ‘blameless’ in the text’s sense. He stole the words of another and did not acknowledge that he had done so.
Douglas Wilson

The Indemnity Clause

Or else he wrote it for them

“Doug Wilson’s only fault was that he trusted his friend to be responsible and careful.” — Steve Wilkins

“As best I can tell, all the problems are mine and not Doug’s.” — Randy Booth

Friday, December 11, 2015 |

Site Update

Moscow Idaho CREC hosts an Archive, which holds more than 3 gigabytes of content. We partially opened it yesterday to display one post and we plan to gradually open it more, as we nudge our way toward site objectives. But for now, please take a look. Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, has plagiarized before and coincidentally he blamed his coauthor then, just as he blamed Randy Booth yesterday. Continue reading

Friday, December 11, 2015 |